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First, thank you Natalie Aho ( for sharing this great information at the Florida CBF conference this past weekend.  Here are just a few short facts that got me motivated to get aboard the social media train…

*  In general, technology changes every 7 weeks!

*  “A kid in Africa with a smart phone has access to more information than the President of the US 15 years ago.”  (Ray Kurzweil at this years SXSW festival- Time March 26, 2012)

*  The church must accept that interactive communication, especially through social media, is a foundational shift in the way we form relationships and communicate.

*  The world is on the Internet.  The church should to be there too!  The church needs to be the presence of Christ in this new frontier.  Go where the people are and love them.  The Internet will take you right inside their living rooms, messes and all, and let you hear their broken hearts, and let you share your hope and peace.

*  Finally, Natalie shared with us that, as ministers, it is OK to do Facebook at work!  It would be OK to have coffee with someone, so why not Facebook.

See you on the Internet!