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In Sunday’s sermon on why the Trinity matters, I made reference to an online article from which I drew several of the ideas I shared. If you are interested in reading the article for yourself, here is the link:

Also, as preparation for the sermon I invited people via Twitter, Facebook, and just good old fashioned face to face conversation to share their thoughts on why the Trinity matters. Here is a sampling of what some of you said. The Trinity matters because:

“It has to do with who God is and what God does.”

“Without the Trinity, there is no Christianity.”

“It’s in the Bible.”

“Without the Trinity we could not be transformed.”

“Man has body, soul, and spirit. If I am to believe in a God, He must be greater than man in all aspects, so He must have at least three parts to Him.”

“God didn’t create man because He was lonely. He had perfect fellowship with Himself. The Trinity matters because it is part of His perfection.”

“The doctrine of the Trinity matters because it is the foundation of our relationship with God. We have God the Father who created and loves us, Jesus the Son who live with us and died for us, the Holy Spirit who sustains us today. All three are required for our relationship with God.”

Thanks for sharing your reflections on this glorious mystery! If you have further thoughts or questions, send me an email or a tweet.

Grace and peace!