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A word about our healing services Sunday. In both worship services there will be an opportunity for you to come forward for prayer for healing, either for yourself or someone else about whom you are concerned. My text is Exodus 15. 22-26.

I will have handy a vial of oil for those who desire anointing for healing (James 5.14). Mainly, we are simply going to ask God to answer our prayers and deep longings to be made whole. If we are cleansed and pure before the Lord and have faith that He can and will heal, wonderful results will follow, I am sure.

I will preach on the subject of healing in the Bible. I will quote from a wonderful book I read when I was in seminary, None of These Diseases by Dr. S. I. McMillen. I will point out that Jesus did three things while on earth: preach, teach, and heal. I will give an altar call for those who desire healing. There is no reason for us not to do this. Remember what John Claypool once said, “The Church in the 21thCentury must be what Jesus was in the First Century.”

Let me ask a big favor of you. To put ourselves right before the Lord so that He can use us as conduits of healing grace, please double up on your prayer time, Bible study, and meditation. Confess your sins and seek his forgiveness and cleansing. (Psalm 51 is a good guide.) I plan to do that all weekend building up to Sunday. I have asked our staff to join me in that discipline. In other words, just read II Chronicles 7.14 and follow the clear instructions. The final promise in that passage is “and will heal their land!”

I love you,