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“Lord’s Supper and Baptism”

We church people are really bad about not explaining what we are doing.

A whole new generation, not raised in church or Christian homes, doesn’t know or understand what we do when we pass around a tray of tiny plastic cups of grape juice and some funny-tasting “bread.” They are not sure why we build a water tank up behind the choir loft. If new Christians are baptized because they have been saved from sin, why was Jesus baptized? It’s a good question.

Since we are going to have the opportunity to observe both ordinances of the Church (baptism and communion), this Sunday, we thought it wise and prudent to explain what these frequent church experiences mean.

I will give a running commentary about the history and meaning of Passover and how it relates to the Lord’s Last Supper. In other words, we are going to devote the preaching time to a teaching time. The rich traditions of the Supper should not be missed by contemporary Christians. The merits of public baptism can be missed if not explicated.

So, if you have always wished that someone would take time to explain the ins and outs of Communion and baptism, Sunday your wish will be granted, your prayer answered.

See you at the altar.

Love to you and yours,