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Monday, March 20, 2017

2 Sam. 7:4, 8-16; Ps. 89:1-29; Rom. 4:13-18

My granddaddy, Robert Richie, was raised on a dairy farm in North Carolina.  He was a humble man, a career soldier, loving husband, grandfather and great-grandfather.  As an Army Tank Commander, he fought in World War II serving under General Patton and earning a Bronze Star for Valor.  He also served faithfully in the Korean War.  He rarely spoke of combat, always preferring lighter subjects.  He was father to seven children and dozens of grandchildren who adored him.  He lived quietly demonstrating Christian behavior, walking the walk, not boastful while he worked hard to provide for his large family.  God blessed our family with many offspring, as He did Abraham.

As he grew older, his health started failing and I felt the pressing burden to know that this hero (my Granddaddy) I loved dearly would be in heaven . . . so, I discussed salvation with him; I was sure of his salvation, but wanted to know undoubtedly.  I had heard that nice people do not necessarily get into heaven, unless they trust Christ.  I humbly cornered him one day in his room where we discussed going to heaven.  I wanted dearly to know he would be there, waiting on me if he arrived first.  After our conversation, I was relieved.  I am glad we had that talk.  I miss him terribly, but I know I will see him again, thanks to Jesus.

We should never miss an opportunity to share Christ; it is worth the risk, to know.

–Katherine Miller