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Genesis 15:1


How many times have you feared something or someone and discovered that your fear was unfounded?  A big dog runs up and barks at you; a tattooed stranger walks up to you on a lonely street; you get caught taking the last cookie; a policeman pulls you over.

Then, it turns out:  The big dog barks, then runs up and licks your hand.  The tattooed man says, “Hi, I think you dropped this.”  Your mom says, “It’s ok, I’ll make more.”  The policeman says, “The reason I stopped you is because your tire is going flat” and helps you change it.

There is another fear, the fear we have when we let our minds go to places it should not, or when we are over-sensitive, or when our prejudices get in the way; when our faith is not first and foremost.  There are unrealistic fears that we let control our behavior.  Is this because of a lack of faith?

As we walk through life, we find many opportunities to fear things that we allow to become stronger than our faith.  Fear can sometimes be a good thing:  the fear that prevents us from doing something we know is dangerous or harmful.

What are your fears?  Understand your fears and seek to resolve them.  Allow your faith to help you understand them.  Think of the effect fear has had on our lives, our relationships, our community, and our world.

“… the word of the Lord came to A’bram in a vision saying, Fear not A’bram:  I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward.

Our love and faith can often overcome those things we fear!

–Tom Allyn