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Did you know that Jesus had more to say about money than any other subject? There are 700 verses in the New Testament on that topic.

That fact is even more interesting when you realize that Jesus probably never carried any money around. When someone asked him if they should pay taxes to Caesar or not, Jesus asked someone if he could borrow a denarius (Roman coin) in order to examine it. He didn’t have any money on him!

I doubt if he ever had another paycheck after he walked away from “Joseph & Son Carpenter’s Shop” in Nazareth! Do you reckon Jesus tithed? I think so. He just didn’t want us to stop with tithing (Matt. 23.23).

I am the bravest man in town! I am going to preach on tithing in the middle of a recession that seems determined to take a “double dip!” In fact, I am even telling you that I am going to preach on that subject. I must be loose in the noggin somewhere to do such a thing.

No, I just want to put the emphasis where Jesus did. If there is anything the followers of Jesus need to learn, it’s how to handle our money, how to think about our possessions, how to avoid worshiping Mammon! “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions,” Jesus asserted. We in American haven’t quite learned that lesson yet. “Beware of covetousness!” he exclaimed. We’re still scratching our heads about that one. What was He saying?

Bring your Bible and one friend. Pray hard for Tom Morris. Ask God to speak loud and clear to your heart on Sunday. This may be your week!