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I have been touched by the tender love and compassion that you have shown to our dear brother and sisters, Tom, Vickie, and Julie Morris. You have respected their need for quiet and privacy and have lavished on them the good cooking of our church families. Thank you for your sensitivity to their predicament. Thank you for the load of prayer support that is sustaining them now as Tom begins treatment for his illness. Let us continue to ask the Father to use medical science and our prayers to effect healing for Tom. Let us claim healing mercies on their behalf!

The exultant spirit of our worship Sunday defied the July 4th-diminished attendance. Another new member! The rousing strains of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The happy children waving our nation’s flag. It was a glorious day to be in the Lord’s presence!

I want to draw your attendance this coming Sunday to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do you know exactly how Jesus died? I know you are aware that he perished on a Roman cross, but how did he die? What specifically extinguished his life? Come and learn the horrors of execution by crucifixion. You will never again look at a cross the same way. It is the absolutely most painful way humans have devised to take another person’s life.

Someone could find the forgiveness of their sins if you would stop right now and call them to invite them to come with you.

(Well, go on and call them!)

‘Love you ‘zackly like you is!