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What news channel do you watch?  It seems like an easy enough question, but with every news channel having its own style and agenda, your source for news can drastically alter the news you receive.  I recently found one that I like though, and the reason might seem a little strange:
Lately, I’ve been getting all my news from the BBC.

I know it seems like an odd selection, but there’s something about the BBC that I really love: all individuals mentioned in their stories are addressed with the proper title.  It’s a small thing, but it’s something that none of our other news sources seem to do anymore.  When a BBC journalist refers to the subject of their story as “Mr. Obama” or “Mr. Zimmerman” or “Rev. Warren,” it brings a sense of humanity and respect– something that is far too rare in contemporary journalism.  In today’s climate, it’s tempting to dehumanize the people you disagree with, but stopping and using their full titles is an excellent reminder that they are God’s creation and their opinions matter.

Grace and Peace,