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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jer. 18:1-11, 20; Ps. 31:9-16; Matt. 20:17-28

I remember the cold waters of my baptism well.  I remember wading through the baptistery with my eight-year-old head barely above water.  I remember being surrounded by beaming family and friends as my pastor symbolically immersed me into Christ’s death and raised me into new life with Him.  I remember feeling as close to God as a child of my age possibly could.

My baptism was a landmark day in my life, but it was only the beginning of a journey with many peaks and valleys, victories and struggles, feasts and famines.  I still often sat in church as a child wondering if I had truly been saved, but I was fortunate enough to have Christians in my life who offered me reassurance and helped me grow.

As I got older, I began to wonder if God really had a purpose and direction for my life, but the Spirit was faithful to answer my prayers and lead me down the path toward vocational ministry with all its joys and trials.

In more recent times, I have enjoyed the exhilarating and humbling experience of married life with my wonderful wife Taylor!  Through it all, the same God who called me into the revolutionary life that baptism represents has walked beside me, forgiven my failures, and empowered me to follow Christ wherever he might lead.

I am amazed by the sacred ordinance of baptism that the Lord has given us and am grateful for it.  Wherever you might be in your own faith journey, I pray that the remembrance of your own baptism will draw you closer to God and the holy calling He has given you!

—Nick Dawson