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We are a…diverse family of God.
One on level this might not appear to be true. Someone not familiar with our church family might look at us and say that we appear to be largely homogenous. Throughout much of our history Bayshore has been an overwhelmingly white, middle-class congregation. That is our history, and we don’t do ourselves any favor by pretending otherwise. But diversity works its way into the conversation in a couple of ways.
First, we are thankfully becoming more ethnically and demographically diverse. God has created a beautiful tapestry of humanity, and Bayshore Baptist actively desires to reflect that more faithfully. At Bayshore we are black and white, Latino and Anglo, East and West, young and old. I pray that we only become more so.
Second, true diversity is not primarily about demographics; it is about the work of the Spirit. Diversity is grounded in the fact that the Spirit gifts each one of us differently. The Apostle Paul talks about this in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4. We are all called to different works of service and ministry depending on our unique combination of gifts, but all those diverse workings are for one unified purpose; to glorify God and let his kingdom become a little more visible here on earth.
That being the case, then we can rightly say we become just a little more diverse every time new comes to the family!