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For the past several weeks, I’ve been writing spoken word poems that correspond to Chris’s sermons and sharing them on Sundays in the Encounter service.  The theme of lying presented a different opportunity though since so many of the sayings in Proverbs 12 speak directly to this issue.  Rather than composing something original, here are the words of that chapter presented in a slightly different style…


Thou shalt not lie.

It seems simple enough, just those four little words,

And yet we seem to have heaped on them much complexity.


For in our world, is it not the shrewdest who succeeds?

Among the traits of the rich and famous,

Is not skillful rhetoric near the top of the list,

To craft and bend words to one’s own devices

And let the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth be dismissed?


It’s just a white lie, or a stretch of the truth,

Or a little innocent BS,

But the book of Proverbs, chapter 12

Offers a different word:

Telling the truth, it turns out, is a test


For an honest witness speaks the truth,

Just as a false witness tells lies, (v. 17)

Because words of the reckless can pierce like a sword,

But words of healing flow forth from the wise. (v. 18)


Truthful lips will endure forever

Just as a lying tongue will fade away (v. 19)

The Lord takes delight in trustworthy people

But detests it when we lie (v. 22)


May the fruit of our lips show His goodness (v. 14)

Only evil hearts seek out deceit

Those who would do the will of the Lord

Speak only His truth, which is peace. (v. 20)


In the way of righteousness there is life;

Along that path is immortality (v. 28)

Take joy in this fact, and find peace in the Lord

As we honor His name here today.


So may His truth be the only thing on your lips

As we continue our praise this morning

The truth of life eternal in Christ

And the peace to your heart it should bring

Peace be with you.