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John 5:4


Earlier this year, my family was blessed by the dedication of our two infant grandchildren in a double ceremony at Bayshore.  Family and friends came to witness the dedication and it was a day that we will all remember with love and gratitude.

Welcoming a new life is a gift from God and one of life’s greatest adventures—full of joy, awe, excitement, and fear.  I once likened the initial stages of parenthood to plunging over Niagara Falls—once committed, it is a combination of exhilaration and sheer terror.  As a grandparent, I am somewhat calmer about the day-to-day demands of an infant than I was as a new parent but I dwell far more on the world my grandchildren will inherit.  Inevitably, they will undergo life’s joys, disappointments, struggles, and sorrows.  They will witness remarkable inventions and events.  Technology will increase exponentially with both good and bad results, and the world will change in ways I cannot imagine.

So, how will these children that I love fare in this new world?  The only constant they can rely on is the presence of God in their lives, in their families, and in their companions.  My daily prayer is that they will follow God’s path.

–Jane Ford