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Friday, March 17, 2017

Gen. 37:3-4, 12-28; Ps. 105:16-22; Mt. 21:33-43

 Many years ago while in college, I went on a weekend spiritual retreat that was part of a discipleship class called “Survival Kit for Christians.”  The leaders of the class challenged us to spend an entire morning alone with God and nature.  We were spending the day at a beautiful mountain park just south of Birmingham, Al.

At first, I was wondering how I would pass the time just praying, since this was a new experience for me. I began by climbing to a secluded area with an incredible view across the mountains. I opened my Bible, began reading from the Psalms, and then would give praise for all that I was seeing and sensing around me.

I was simply amazed at how God spoke to me that morning and how peaceful it was to block out all other distractions. I also did not have a cell phone with me in 1987, so I couldn’t surf Facebook or Twitter to pass the time. (Note to self in 2017)

Through the years, it has been nice to have similar experiences where I get away by myself and let God speak to me through prayer and solitude. I want to encourage you during this season of Lent to carve out an hour here or there and spend some time alone. Well, actually, you will not be alone since God will be right there with you!

Looking to Him!

—Ron Threadgill