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August 16, 2014 by William H. Scarle Jr. 813-835-0129

C. S. Lewis conceived what became “THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA” in the year 1939 although he did not finish writing the first book until 1949.  With the Second World War looming on the horizon the possibility of Nazi Germany bombing London was a significant threat.  In response many of the children living in London were evacuated to the English countryside and out of harm’s way.  As a result in 1939 three school girls came to live in Lewis’s home in Risinghurst, three miles east of Oxford center.

This provided the setting for the Narnia tales. I have been relistening to the book tapes of Lewis’s classic children’s stories while on the treadmill.  It occurred to me that the British response to a threat to their children provides a marked contrast to what has been going on in the Gaza for the last few weeks.

The British were deeply concerned for their children.  They would be the next generation, and hopefully provide the world with a more peaceful time.  Hamas, in Gaza, cares very little for the lives of their children, or anybody else’s life for that matter.  They knowingly place their rocket launchers in heavily populated areas and advertise through television and the internet telling their people not to vacate these areas, knowing they will be killed in the retaliatory shelling by the Israelis.

It could be suggested that the Hamas Jihadists do this so that the Israelis will not shell these locations.  This is what is implied in the expression “using civilians as shields.”  But there is no intention of using civilians as shields.  There is no rational possibility that Israel, or any other nation, who is attacked by rocket fire will not act to destroy the missile launchers.  By now over 3000 rockets have been fired into Israel with the sole intention of killing Jewish civilians.

The thing that troubles me is that the Western world has trouble recognizing the difference between civilization and barbarism.  The actions of the “Islamic State” in Iraq have forced some awareness of the distinction, but even that has not softened much the criticism against Israel.

The observation that Gaza is a small country and it is difficult for the civilians to get out of the way has only a limited legitimacy.  England too is a small country, although not as small as Gaza.  There is no attempt to protect the children or their parents, and every effort to put them in harm’s way.

The West needs to recognize that it is at war with a barbaric and cruel culture that understands nothing but utter defeat.  Like the ebola virus it cannot be controlled.  There is no vaccine.  It has to be destroyed.

As a Christian this observation does not come easy to the mind or heart.  People will die in the conflict and many of them will be innocent.

Britons understood this when they went against Germany.  The Nazis had to go.  Attempts at conciliation failed.  But, they tried to protect their children.  The barbarians do not care.

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