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Luke 1:46b-55


In what is often called the “Magnificat,” Mary celebrates the incredible news that she has been divinely chosen to carry God’s own Son and bring him into the world.  What an unfathomable mystery that the Creator of the universe would choose a humble peasant girl to be the mother of the holy Messiah who would reconcile all things to God!

For Mary, though, this “lifting up of the lowly” is not a one-time deal, but, rather, a deep reflection of the very character and will of God.  God looks with favor and provision on the humble and needy but scatters the arrogant and sends the rich and powerful away empty-handed.  “God with us,” according to Mary, means that the power structure of this world is turned on its head.

When “God with us” is a reality we choose to live into, we begin to see the world in the same upside down way that Mary did.  When we see people languishing under poverty and oppression, we see precious sisters and brothers who are close to God’s heart.  When we see the sick and hurting, we see those whom Christ is caring for and suffering alongside.  We also begin to understand that God is calling us to extend His hand of mercy to help lift them up to the abundant life that He has prepared for them.

As we enjoy and celebrate this wonderful season of Advent, may we see our world with a vision like Mary’s and discover where Christ is leading us:  to participate in the in-breaking of God’s Kingdom for those who need it most.

–Nick Dawson