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So I’m reading this great book referred to me from my friend Allison, The Trellis and the Vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne and it convicted me.  Am I simply one of those Christians living a nice Christian life or am I ready to really commit my life to being one of Jesus’ true disciples?

To be a true disciple, we need to be prepared to reach out to nonbelievers and, at the same time, encourage fellow Christians.  As Marshall and Payne write, “to be truly a disciple, we need to obey ALL that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:20).”  Disciple-making, then becomes this enormous range of relationships and conversations and activities and life stuff.  While we all aren’t equipped to preach a sermon or teach a Sunday school class, we can chat over the “back fence” with a non-Christian neighbor, we can write an encouraging note to a Christian friend, we can invite a family member to a church event, we can meet one on one to study the Bible with a fellow believer, we can read the Bible to our children and we can make a Christian comment over coffee at the office.

Go ahead, chat, write, invite, encourage, meet, study, read, or comment.  Do some discipling.