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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Is. 55:6-11; Ps. 34:15-22; Matt. 6:7-15

I was twenty-four years old, two years out of college and living by myself.  I had worked for almost two years with a bank barely making a living. I felt the world I was living in was bleak and grey.  I remember trying so many things to help me make ends meet … nothing seemed to work.  I finally took it upon myself to find a different career.  I told myself the answer was to go into sales.  I worked hard for months to find a sales job.

After Christmas in 1994 … I finally gave up trying by myself after zero interviews.  It was then I realized that I could not do this alone and asked in prayer for our heavenly Father to help me find the right career that He wanted me in and that was in His will.  Within a couple of weeks I answered a very non-descriptive job ad and in a couple of weeks I had a job interview and offer.

This answer to a single prayer opened so many of life’s doors and has filled my life with an abundance of experiences and color.  It led me to graduate school and interesting work.  It allowed me to continue to learn, travel, meet and work with people from every corner of the world, and yes, it has provided more than I had ever asked when I turned it over to Him in prayer.  Without me asking God for help in prayer I would never been able to receive His full blessing which has lasted me a lifetime.

-Jeff Frye