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Besides the CBF FL team that visited with you this past March, have you had other guests to learn about your work since then? Do you expect more people in 2019?

My parents came in late February, if you count family, and there was another team that came from Florida a few months ago.  They actually came to minister to my CBF teammates who work with refugees in Kampala, but because they met me last year when I first arrived in Uganda, they decided to pay a visit to Mbarara too.  It worked out well because 2 of them came a day early and led an all-day MTI staff retreat on self-care.  It was something we really needed so I was so grateful for their help!  Then 3 more came from Kampala so we all went to see the settlement so they could get a better sense of what I do and what conditions are like for the refugees.  It was great fun to have them, and they have been very supportive of me.

Aside from that, MTI has had 2 Vision Teams from their headquarters in the US come.  These were teams comprised of board members and staff from HQ that came to see our projects and also offer support.  They were not here to specifically see me, of course, but it was good to meet them and they expressed gratitude for the work I have done for MTI.

As of right this minute, I don’t know of any groups planning to come in 2019, so I think Bayshore should plan on coming again!!  I will also be planning a trip back to the US to see both my biological family and my Bayshore family probably in May/June of 2019.  So don’t send any teams then!

Either way, I look forward to seeing you in person in 2019!

Lots of love and big hugs to everyone!