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Our Shorekids participants are busy being artisans this fall making arts and crafts for their Mission Market.  The Mission Market will be open in December and the children will run the entire operation.  Some of the children are asking how you will use the money.  Can you give us a general idea how their money will be used to help the people of Uganda?

We are starting our reintegration program for the fistula project, which means we want to start teaching our fistula clients skills that will help them earn an income when they go back to their villages after their surgeries.  One project will be teaching them to sew.  But we need to buy the supplies, like fabric, sewing machines, etc. So the money will likely go for that.  I love the parallelism of the kids making crafts to sell, and the money going towards helping our fistula mothers make crafts that they too can sell!

The second project is Medical Teams International (MTI) has started building a fistula ward, but at the moment there is no money to supply it once it is finished: beds, linens, blankets, pillows, hospital gowns, etc.  So the money might go for that too.  Both are big needs!

Thank you Bayshore kids for so generously helping these women who need your assistance, love and prayers!  Know you are helping transform their lives!  By embodying love and compassion for those in need, you are embodying Christ’s love for you and teaching others about His love for them!   Thank you for teaching all of us the true meaning of being a missionary!

Lots of love,