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Would you please update us on the progress of the Fistula Ward that is being built?

Construction of the fistula ward has begun!  See pics below.  As for the fistula tent, thanks to Bayshore, we now have the funds to finish landscaping the outside (stabilizing the soil in the back, and planting fruit trees, flowers and grass in the front), and to also paint the inside dwarf wall.  We decided to paint it a sky blue so that afterwards one of our health care promoters (a Congolese refugee young woman and aspiring artist) can paint a mural of flowers, grass, butterflies, etc on the inside to it looks nice and patients can enjoy.  The contractor was there on Friday giving quotes so that should start soon – of course I will send pics when it is finished!  By the way, the last 2 groups of fistula clients (18 women) slept there for their full recovery period, and now the beds are being used as a spillover post-op ward for women who have had c-sections.  So the tent is being well used  thanks to Bayshore and other private donors who made it possible!!

Pictures were taken about a week and half ago, but you can see the surrounding area.  The white tents in the back are a temporary isolation ward set up in case we get Ebola in the settlement.  Right now it is still on the Congo border, but we are preparing in case it comes here.  We definitely need prayers that it doesn’t!!

Love, Karen