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Karen, would you please share your favorite Ugandan food or meal? 

My favorite dish is boiled, or steamed plantains called matooke, mashed like mashed potatoes, with goat stew poured over it, and what is called eshabwe.   This is ghee or clarified butter mixed with rock salt until it becomes a smooth white custard with a fairly strong taste. They put a spoonful in stews for added flavoring. Both eshabwe and ghee are made as a way to keep dairy products that won’t spoil quickly, even without refrigeration which most people here can’t afford.

Every meal here starts with a multi carb base, meaning some combination of matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, regular potatoes (they call them irishes), rice or posho (ground white corn) and then served with a “sauce” that is usually a meat stew or bean stew.

Bayshore Note: Our VBS participants got to try posho as a snack one day. Ask one of the children how they liked it.