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 Do you have any pets there?  I miss you and I’m praying for you.  ~ Ava Lekarczyk

Hi, Ava, thanks for your great question!  I do have a pet – a dog named Jax.  I got Jax at the pound in Kampala.  He had been living on the streets when someone brought him in.  He was so skinny I could see every bone in his body.  Now he is healthy, happy and has been a great companion and friend to me, and to all who know him!  Ugandans culturally don’t really like dogs.  They are afraid of them.  So many of my friends have been surprised to see how sweet and loving Jax can be.  The children in the compound where I live were really scared of him at first, but eventually he won them over with lots of big, wet, dog kisses.

While those children might be scared of dogs, they love their chickens!  All of their chickens have names and are named after a color: Color Yellow, Color Black, Color Orange, Color Purple and Color Red. Color Black is their favorite and they regularly catch her and hold her and cuddle with her.  It is very sweet to see.  Here are some pictures of Jax waiting patiently for me outside the MTI office, and him with the children in my neighborhood.  Hope you and Clancy are doing really well.  Miss you guys!

Lots of love,