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If you attended the January 27 Celebrate CBF FL event, Seeking Transformation, you were blessed to see Karen’s video message to all of us here in Florida.  If not, here’s a basic recap of the progress being made on the building of the new Fistula Clinic that Karen is managing. 

While a temporary tent is in place and most of the clinic building is completed, it remains empty.  Now funds are needed to furnish it with beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, blankets, hospital gowns and more.  In addition, Karen reminded us that when the women are healed, they also go through a reintegration process to reengage them back into society.  For this Karen is seeking sewing machines, fabrics, sewing tools, beads, thread and other sewing necessities.  Please keep these needs in your prayers and, as always, you may contribute to Karen’s mission work through the CBF Global website athttp://

Love, Tammy