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Luke 21: 24-28


Yawn, stretch, make coffee, have breakfast, etc., etc.  It’s just another day.  Or is it?

The crowds got up early to get to a spot where they could hear Jesus teaching.  His words were profound and unlike any other they heard.  He was telling them to watch and be prepared.  They hung on his every word.

Hey, that’s just like me!  No, wait, it’s not at all like me.  Day after day I find myself taking the day for granted, putting other things before prayerful watching and preparing my heart to focus on God and his purpose.  I make plans and mark my calendar:  pick up Charley, my granddaughter, and take her to school; run some important errands; meet up with my sister or a friend for dinner.  It is all on my “must do” list.  But I struggle to start my day with my Lord.  I treat Him as if he can wait while I take care of my list.  There is no prayerful watching and waiting on my list.  Jesus is speaking to me.  He loves me, I know.  Otherwise, he would not have bothered to die for me or redirect me and correct my wandering.  Making lists and keeping a calendar is my thing.  It is not a bad thing, but I am being beckoned to prioritize my list.

My days are a gift.  Will I spend my gift looking at my calendar or my phone, filling my time, OR prayerfully watching for the opportunities God puts before me each and every day and being ready for his call?   I am being beckoned to watch and pray and be ready.

–Kathy Hancock-Wells