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April 27, 2013 by William H. Scarle

Islamic Scholar Abu Ala Maududi has stated, “Islam is a revolutionary ideology, a revolutionary program to alter the social order of the whole world, and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and the ideals.”

This is plain enough for anyone to understand.  The goal of Islam is to bring the entire world under Sharia Law.  One definition of Sharia is as follows:

“Translated as “the path,” sharia is a comprehensive legal and political framework.  Though is certainly has spiritual elements, it would be a mistake to think of sharia as a ‘religious’ code in the Western sense because it seeks to regulate all manner of behavior in the secular sphere – economic, social, military, legal and political.”

It is not as if this has not already been observed in history.  Most of my readers are aware that the Middle East was a Christian enclave in the first several centuries of the Church.  Christianity spread to the East before it spread to the West.  North Africa, Syria, Asia (Turkey), Persia (Iran) were centers of Christian scholarship prior to the Moslem invasions in the seventh century.  Those invasions slaughtered the Christian populations, turned churches into mosques and set up Islamic governments, eventually conquering Constantinople in 1453.  The greatest Christian church in the world, Hagias Sophia, built by Justinian in 360, was turned into a mosque.  All the seven churches of the Revelation are now just neglected ruins.

Europe is being invaded by Moslem populations who have turned hundreds of churches into mosques.  Entire neighborhoods are under sharia law and are “no go” areas for non-Moslems.

It is not a pleasure to bring these realities to the attention of my readers, but Boston has been for us a new reminder that we are engaged in an ongoing war with Islam.  Every time the Marine Hymn is sung we are reminded that this nation’s battle with Islam began in 1776, and was the reason for the creation of the U.S. Navy.  We had to defend our trading vessels in the Mediterranean against the Moslem Pirates off the Barberry Coast – The “Shores of Tripoli.”

When the news of the Boston tragedy reached Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he immediately called Washington and offered any help they might find useful.  By contrast members of the Palestinian organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad danced in the streets and handed out candy.  This scene was repeated in Gaza and Jordan.

The war is not against the Moslems, but against the ideology of Islam.  The use of the term “radical Islam” is confusing at best, because “radical” refers to the “roots” of a system of thought.  A radical Christian is one who really believes he or she should love their enemies, because that what God does.  Radical Moslems really believe and practice the Quran, and that is a problem because the Quran teaches hate.  The battle is real.  It is a spiritual battle.  A reading of the letters to the churches of the Revelation warns against a spiritual decline and encourages a spiritual readiness to stand firm.  America needs to listen.

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