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What does it mean to be Baptist?  What do Baptists believe?  What do Baptists have in common with other Christians?

If you have ever struggled to answer these questions, you are not alone.  We Baptists are a difficult group to figure out.  This summer Pastor Alex will offer a summer sermon series called Free and Faithful: Exploring Baptist Life as we seek to better understand our Baptist identity together.  We will talk about the Baptist confessions of faith as outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message (1963) about God, the Bible, salvation, baptism, discipleship, missions, religious liberty, social work, and the end times.  More importantly, Alex will turn to the scriptures to share why Baptists have been committed to our unique way of life for centuries.  If you have ever wanted to know more about the Baptist approach to the Christian faith or how to share it with others, this series is for you!