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Sunday, March 30, 2017

Ex. 32:7-14; Ps. 106:6-7, 19-23; Jn. 5:30-47

During high school and college, I worried a lot about my future.  I knew I wanted my life to glorify God, but I didn’t know how exactly to do that.  It felt like I was searching for God’s mysterious “will” for my life, trying to find it as if it had been lost or hidden from me.

After graduating from college three years ago, those struggles only became stronger and I dealt with quite a bit of anxiety.  I had many questions about what God wanted me to do with my life, and I didn’t seem to be getting any answers.  Soon, the weight of that anxiety and insecurity created so large a shadow that it became all I could see.

It’s been a gradual process, but I started to see that God is using this time of transition to draw me closer to Him.  As He slowly brought me back to His Word, I was surprised to find that my questions about what I should do with my life are answered there, but those answers don’t always look the way I’d expect them to.  The Bible may not tell me what job to apply for, what city I should live in, or what my future relationships will look like, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t specific things I can do right now to glorify Him.  I can do my best in all my work (Col 3:22), love my neighbor (Mark 12:31), pray without ceasing (1 Th 5:17), and so much more!  While I focus on these things he’s called me to do, the other details of my life will come together in His time.

–Ally Thomas