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“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”  Ps. 126:3


This world is a mess.  Over the last year alone, we have had to deal with all sorts of natural disasters, displacing people from their homes and costing countless lives.  We have had to deal with folks with misplaced values who have decided that their lives and many others are not worth protecting for self-centered promotion.  Most disturbing is that we have seen the reemergence of Nazism, anti-Semitism, and racism of all types.  All of this is quite depressing.

There are a few characteristics that should be visible in every Christian such as peace, love and what I want to promote – joy.  Even though the world is filled with terrible things, our attitude should be that of joy.  God has solved our greatest problem – sin:  God has given us His Son, who paid for our sins and brought us back to God as His children.  This should generate deep-rooted joy.  Daily, God gives us hope, peace and love.  God also gives us opportunities to learn and grow.  Therefore, a characteristic that should be visible in every Christion is joy.  To me, joy is expressed in at least two ways:  happiness and peace.  This is not easy – yet, we should work on our joy day by day.

May you experience this season as one filled with joy.  May you show others you are a Christian by your joy.

–Scott I. McClelland