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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Is 49:8-15; Ps. 145: 8-19; Jn. 5:19-29

It was a long time ago, but the memory is clear.  I was attending summer camp at Blair Academy in the Poconos, because I was president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship of my church in East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.  It was the final night, and we were assembled in the chapel for a closing service.  The traditional invitation to respond to God’s call for “full time Christian service” was given.  This was something totally outside my frame.  However, what I now know was the Spirit of the Holy One said, “This is something you need to do.”  My answer was, “No.”

Two weeks later at the initial opening of a new conference center by the Methodists I was again in attendance.  Pocono Institute was a new venture for the Methodist Conference and the church wanted me there.  I had made some deals with God in the intervening weeks — some tests that I’m sure were ridiculous but tolerated by the Almighty.  At the closing campfire I made my commitment to serve however the Lord would direct.

God does not usually call in an audible voice as he did Samuel.  But somehow the message is received not through the ears, or through the mind but deep in the soul, and you know who is speaking.  I often tremble at the thought that we humans could read each other like that.  Nevertheless, God can read us, and speak to us in unmistakable terms.  I wanted to be an electrician like my Dad.  God had other plans.  He also has a plan for each one who reads this piece.

If you’re asking, “Lord, is that you,” it probably is.

—Bill Scarle