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Friday, April 7, 2017

Jer. 20:7-13; Ps. 18:1-7; Jn. 10:31-42

I distinctly remember having a conversation when I was twenty years old in which a family friend told me that I was going to be married to a minister, and in my vapid small world I said that I would never marry a pastor and would never leave Texas.

Obviously, both of those things are false, and I could not be happier.  I met this young seminary student when I was twenty-one and he threw my world into chaos.  When we met I had a relatively small picture of God, and He fit beautifully into the perfect box that I dreamed up for Him.  Slowly throughout our relationship I was simply asked why I believed certain things about God, the church, and social issues.

My husband would never tell me I am wrong or that my beliefs were stupid; instead he would encourage me to dive deeply into the scriptures, examine my heart, and ask what motivated me to think a certain way.  This process started roughly five years ago, and I am proud to say that it has not stopped.  Currently, I am learning that worrying is a choice, and that judging people reveals more about myself than it does the other person.  My husband lovingly encourages me when I fall short, and introduces me to authors who speak truth into my life.  Thanks to my husband I can say that my view of God has broadened, that my love for all of God’s people has significantly increased, and I am excited to see how our heavenly father continues to use this amazing influence in my life.

–Taylor Dawson