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“Righteous Indignation”

That’s exactly how I feel. At least I hope that’s what it is. I know pure old anger is not acceptable in a Christian’s demeanor. But I am outraged by the deaths of those ten missionaries in Afghanistan.

Accused of being “spies” and for trying to “convert people to Christianity,” they were lined up and gunned down by the Taliban. It’s not the first time this sort of travesty has occurred, and it won’t be the last. But radical Muslim folk can’t take advantage of our Freedom of Religion and build mosques in a free country while persecuting unto death people who, in Christ’s name, are simply trying to render medical help to those for whom hospitals and drugstores don’t exist.

In Murphreesboro, Tennessee, the populace is up in arms about the building of a mosque in their community which borders Nashville. I am sure their pique is exacerbated by the proposed $200 million, thirteen story mosque to be constructed a few blocks from the 9-11 “ground zero” in New York City. (Do you think the Muslims would allow us to build a megachurch in Mecca?)

Folks, there is no “Father God of Love” in Islam. Mohammed was a violent, immoral man whose third or fourth wife was a thirteen year old girl! Even the Muslims can take you to hisgrave site. He is still quite dead.

But Christ is alive! He animates his living Body, the Church! He leads us as the Head by means of Holy Spirit, which I reminded you Sunday, is the “Present Spirit of Christ.”

Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and the world! We must awake the great army of Christian witnesses in our churches all over the world. We are in a battle to stay free and alive. Since 1945, we have not had so great a threat to our peace as that posed by Islam.

Hold on a minute! I know there are millions of moderate Muslim people who denounce the Taliban-like tactics. I am not trying to impugn the good guys. But, I honestly don’t know what they are doing to stop this awful blood-letting by the bad guys.

Evangelist Bill Fay is coming Sunday to share with us how we can “Share Jesus without Fear.” Join me in prayer that God will shake us Sunday!

What do you think? Would God again use a pagan nation to either wake up or punish His people who have forgotten Him and are AWOL from the Kingdom? I pray it is only a wake-up call . . . .

I really love this Bayshore Baptist Church!