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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about alone time with God.  Am I giving Him enough time AND and I giving Him quality time?  Why do we need time alone with God?   Simply put, God wants a personal relationship with each of us and in order to have this, we must spend time with our Father.  Yes, it’s often hard to do, but when you consistently spend time in solitude with God, you’ll see the difference in how you handle life.  Your circumstances won’t change, but you will.  The other great benefit from time with God is that when you make God a priority in your life, He will work out all the details, if you allow Him.  Finally, quiet time is important not because our quiet time gets us through things.  Rather, our quiet time gets us to God who gets us through things.  Set aside time today, and sit at Jesus’ feet.  An African proverb prays…  Lord Jesus, make my heart sit down.

Blessings ~ Tammy