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Friday, March 31, 2017

Ps. 34:15-22; Jn. 7:1-2, 10:25-30

Bayshore is a member of the Faith Café organization, the purpose being to feed and clothe the needy.  It is a non-profit comprised of seven churches:  Catholic, Lutheran, and Presbyterian (2), Methodist, Baptist and Episcopal.

When Bayshore joined in 2008, I became a board member.  In 2009 I was elected vice-president and in 2012 I was elected president.  Eight days after I was elected president in June, the owner of the property we had been using for eleven years informed the board that we would have to vacate the premises by the end of July. Fortunately, we had anticipated that someday we would have to move and had started a building campaign in 2010.

With the money we had, we were able to buy property.  We received materiel help as well as labor donations, in addition to the money we received.  Our building contractor had been able to save us a lot by negotiating reduced construction costs.  However, we were looking at a deficit of $50,000 to finish the project.  We had a bill of $330,000 and we had $280,000 in the bank.

Our board met to decide what to do.  Our treasurer wanted to halt construction until we could find the needed money.  After an hour of discussion, with additional input from our contractor, we, as a board, decided to put it in the hands of the Lord and voted unanimously to continue with the project, with everyone praying and trusting that God would provide.

The week after that meeting we received a donation that allowed us to finish a $400,000 building, fully paid for when finished.  Faith Café stands today as an example of what God can do when you have faith.

–Aubrey Smith