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Lord, we come to You today to honor and pray for our moms– the women who nurture a new generation of Christians and have such a powerful impact on our lives.

For those who are currently expecting, who are about to enter this exciting and challenging world of motherhood, we gift thanks and lift them up.

For new moms, who delight in their children and train them daily to be more like you, we give thanks and lift them up.

For moms with busy schedules, who find joy in their families but still grow tired from practices and games and concerts and all the travel time in between, we give thanks and lift them up.

For moms whose children are now grown and may even have children of their own, we give thanks for their devotion and pray that their labors might be a testimony of Your care for Your own children.

For single moms, who bear twice the load with half the help, we give thanks for their dedication and pray for guidance as we surround them with love and support.

For those currently hoping to become moms who, like Sarah and Rachel face frustration and fear in their journeys toward parenthood, we lift them to you and ask for patience and for peace as they await the blessing of children.

For moms who have known the ultimate grief of losing a child, we lift them up and ask for Your guidance; help us to rally around them and show our support on this difficult day.

For moms who are no longer with us, who have made the world a better place through their labors and are now resting in Your embrace, we give thanks and lift up their families.

And lastly, for moms to the community who, though they may not have biological children, treat the children of others as their own and seek to guide them in your ways, we give thanks and lift them up.

For the amazing testimonies of these women’s lives and the paths before them yet unfolding, we give thanks, and we praise You, knowing that they are a gift from You.