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Luke 8:16-21

God’s Word is the Light of Our Life

I recently had eye surgery and can see only out of my right eye. The vision from my right eye is enough for me to get by until my left eye is healed. When healed, both eyes will be able to take in light and I will be able to see clearly. Just as I have been given sight in my good eye, more sight will be given me as my left eye heals.

Jesus explains in Luke 8 that we have God’s Word as a light for our lives, and as we  comprehend it and act upon it, His Word produces more light in our lives. Jesus says others will be drawn to this light. Jesus goes further and says those who have access to His words and do nothing with them will lose them. Only those who hear His Words and follow them will be the real members of His family.

Just as the Holy Spirit lives in us and gives us the power to change, God’s Word gives us the power to recognize the need to change. Are you hearing, reading and following what you have been given in God’s Word? His Words are a light for our path.

Even the wise men chose to follow the light they were given and found so much more: the true Light of the world, Jesus.

-Caren Hayward