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James 3:13–18

The Meekness of Wisdom

Who is wise? Who wants wisdom? (Who doesn’t!) We are to conduct ourselves showing our works in the meekness of wisdom.

When I meditate on all God is and the miracle of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, I experience a “light bulb” moment of revelation. Our holy and gracious God planned from the beginning to give us all that is good. He revealed himself to be a personal God, so all the world would know him (and so I could know him).

God has shown himself to me to be full of grace, mercy and peace. I am always on the journey of gaining wisdom, of knowing God through Jesus.  Real wisdom is seeking his goodness and sharing it without desire for personal gain, acclaim or attention. True meekness of wisdom is understanding that we are known and loved by Jesus, undeservedly so. Yet, there is no end to knowing God and gaining wisdom in all that is from above. 

My pathway to wisdom has taken a lifetime. It has been difficult, but, oh so worth it. I will never be smart enough, accomplished enough, or ______ (fill in the blank) enough. I will never be worthy or good enough to measure up. Yet, I am enough in Christ Jesus. Wisdom is within reach through the meekness of the manger.

-Kathy Hancock