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Psalm 148

All Creation Praises

The Psalmist calls on creation to praise its Maker. He begins with things that we normally think praise God: angels and heavenly armies should sing praises from the heavens. But then he mentions things that we don’t normally think of as sentient, God-praising beings: the elements of creation. The Psalmist wants the sky and the heavenly bodies to praise God. Then he commands earthly creatures, then the elements, and then mountain and hills. Finally, both kings and old men and children—powerful and powerless—should join creation’s praises.

Why? Because “He has raised up a horn for his people.” That also seems an odd thing to say, until we remember that horns often symbolize power. Think of the horns on the beasts in Daniel and Revelation that represent emperors. Our Christian forebears who designed the lectionary said, “That horn is Christ the king.”  From the Christian point of view, of course all creation should praise God for what he has done through Christ, who redeems, not just sinful humanity, but every bit of God’s creation (see Romans 8:22–24).

We have been waiting for the Light, and now It is here.  Let us join our voices with creation’s praises.

-James Riley Strange