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Psalm 17:1-9, 15

God’s Answer to Prayer

In 2013 I had serious heart surgery. One night I said goodbye to my last visitor, then the nurse. I was all alone in my little cubicle in the ICU. 

As I looked around, I became very lonely and afraid. It was the first time since I entered the hospital that I had been so alone. I called out to God, praying for Him to send some comfort and protection. Then I closed my eyes. 

I thought someone had entered and flicked on the lights, as I could see the light through my closed eyelids. When I opened them to see who was there, I was surprised to see nothing. No people. No lights. I was still all alone. I closed my eyes again and experienced the same sensation of light. Again, I opened my eyes only to find solitude and darkness. 

When I closed my eyes, and again saw the light, I suddenly realized that God’s angels were with me. They surrounded the bed. Their shimmering glory exuded not only light but also calmness and peacefulness. Then I slept, thankful for God’s answer to my prayer. 

-Judy Richman