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Isaiah 62:6-12

A Reciprocal Relationship

This passage is one of my favorite Christmas scriptures. God not only promises to defend us but cajoles us to seek Him, and we are given the surprising invitation to ask as much of Him as He asks of us. Just as we wait for the Light, the Light also waits for us. God pursues us, just as we pursue Him. Why does the Creator of the universe care about having a relationship with us that is reciprocal – especially when we are so fickle and weak with our loyalties?  Maybe because that’s how He wants us to be in relationship with others. 

If God pursues me and refuses to stop loving me no matter what I do, how can I respond differently to those in my life whom I find challenging to love? This convicts me as I struggle to love those who uphold self-interests/political parties at the expense of loving those we are commanded to love, those suffering the most. I would rather just be angry.

Dang it, Lord … I see Him smiling lovingly at me, shaking His head, and whispering gently, “Try again.” 

Come, Lord Jesus…

Merry Christmas, Bayshore.

-Karen Alford