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Jeremiah 31:31-34

A New Covenant

For most of the book, Jeremiah is warning Judah of the destruction they would face if they did not return and submit to God. In this chapter, however, Jeremiah describes a new covenant. God says he will put His “law in their minds and write it on their hearts.” This covenant is unilateral. Israel makes no vow so likewise they cannot break one. Even though Israel has rebelled, God’s promise here is rooted in radical forgiveness. It is to be lived from the inside out. It expects joyful obedience because of all we have received living in this new Jerusalem, without condition.

Even as we deal with our own struggles, we can reach out to those who are hurting, lonely, rejected, marginalized; and not just as a mission project during the holiday season. God has given us the gift of community, both with Him and with each other. We are all welcome to the table. We are all challenged to live out this new covenant. We are all called to service, all affirmed. As we wait for the light this Advent season, may we collectively be a people who are striving towards these goals, both in prayer and in action.

-Rita Costa