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Micah 4: 8-13

Separating the Grain from the Chaff

In our Micah 4:8-13 scripture today, Micah is prophesying the destruction (and eventual restoration) of Jerusalem. Micah is encouraging the Israelites to persevere through the pain that is to come and ultimately trust in God who will deliver them.

In verse 12, Micah emphasizes that God will gather the nations who are against Israel like sheaf to a threshing floor. A threshing floor is something many people of that day could understand as it was the method for processing grain. In fact, most would likely have even witnessed or participated in the process at some point. The threshing and the winnowing that followed produced good grain for the people to eat and straw that could provide bedding for the animals.

Can you think of a difficult situation in your life that feels like it’s against you? Trust that God is in control of that situation.  He can gather it in his hands as easily as a farmer gathers sheaf on the threshing floor, and then the best part – he can bring good from that situation! Look for the ways that HIS light can bring good from the bad in your life today. 

-Lisa Lekarczyk