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Luke 1:57-66

Follow the Star of Light

I can remember a time in my life when I experienced the leading of our Mighty God. After a business meeting, I received a call from a colleague telling me of a position that might be of interest to me. Because I was very unhappy in my then-current role, I interviewed for the position. After several weeks had passed I felt discouraged, so I took a day off from work and through prayer turned my burden over to our Lord.  Within an hour my phone rang, and on the other end came the job offer I had been anticipating. I knew in my heart it was an action of light and guidance in answer to my prayer. Accepting the job offer continues to be a blessing for my family.

We serve a great and Holy God and He lives among us.  He is the same light that lead the Shepherds to the manger where our Savior and Redeemer was lying. Ponder the wonder that this great Light now lives within us. The Lord God has spoken through His Son, Jesus, and He will shed light on our path if we will listen and respond to his love for us.

-Marilyn Jackson