Prayer List

Our prayer ministry at Bayshore is a blessing for the pray-ers as well as those for whom we pray. Be sure to email Barb Tolbert with any concerns you’d like to share or to receive emails as part of the chain. We distribute prayer lists on Wednesday nights and update our prayer list on the website with the permission of the families.

Praises & Answers to Prayer

  • Congratulations to the Strange family, as Joanna delivered a healthy boy, named Leonardo Jeffrey by C-section. He was born at midnight on October 9.  Welcome to the world, Leonardo and congratulations to all of the families. (10/9)
  • Paul Seemann, JoEtta Duncan’s son-in-law, is home. (10/1)
  • Harry Hickinbotham is home! He has been more alert and eating. Still a ways to go, but great to be home. Thanks to Bayshore for all your prayers. God is good! (9/23)


  • Vicki Morris’s cousin, Dakota Arms, was killed in a car accident last night. He was only 25, on his way home from work in a rural area of Ohio. Please pray for peace for the family. (10/21)
  • Bobbie Gunter, Joyce Gunter’s husband, passed away. Joyce sang in our choir for several years and she substitutes in our Bayshore Pre-School. Please be in prayer for this family. A memorial service is being planned. (10/14)
  • Clyde & Flo Barr’s daughter, Mary, passed away. She had been sick for so long and now she is at least in no more pain. Please pray for the Barrs as they travel to SC and mourn. Thank you. (10/10)

Hospitalized & Rehab

  • Sharon Hickinbotham is at St. Joseph’s hospital, Room 445. She has bronchitis and an irregular heartbeat. She is scheduled for a heart procedure tomorrow morning, and hopes to return home after that. Thank you for your prayers. (10/8)
  • Charlotte Hayes is in St. Joe’s. (10/7)

Current Prayer Requests

  • Karen Hegemeier’s coworker, Roger Johnson, has a brain tumor the size of a lemon.  He is in ICU.  Please pray for Roger and his wife, Miladi. (10/23)
  • Karen Hegemeier’s adopted brother-in-law, Mark Dose, has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  Please pray for Mark, his wife, Susan and two sons Neal and Nathan. (10/23)
  • Judy Richman’s nephew, Jason, has checked into rehab. Please pray for a Christian counselor to help him. (10/21)
  • Susan Chamblee’s brother, Stephen, is still going through chemo and radiation.  It is very slow going, since he is not able to handle the treatments very well. Please continue praying for Stephen. (10/21)
  • Mary Jo Ciccarello is at the Adam’s  House.  While her meds are being monitored and the place is nice with a staff that seems caring and competent, she continues  to have adjustment issues, misses her dog, and has fallen several times. Please continue to pray for her. (10/21)
  • Erika has recently separated from her husband and Hospice has just begun caring for her mother, who has terminal health issues plus is in very much pain.  Her daughter Megan has Asperger’s syndrome and cuts herself.  In addition, she has a young toddler, Scott, who has a hypersensitivity disorder and autism like behavior.  She is really bearing many  burdens. (10/21)
  • Larry Jackson is home recovering from knee surgery. (10/21)
  • Elnora Pinner’s cancer has returned. She had a CAT scan last week. The good news is that the cancer has not spread. The not-so-good news is that she will be having surgery October 24. Please continue to pray for them, that God will give them comfort, strength and patience for the days and weeks ahead. (10/14)
  • Penny Oliver had surgery on her foot in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The surgery went very well, and she will be in a cast , as she was with the other foot. (10/7)
  • Tammy’s friend’s brother, Jack, had a successful liver transplant a few weeks ago and we all prayed him through that.  His liver is doing great, but his kidneys are now not functioning properly.  He is having a kidney biopsy.  Pray for good results and resolution (10/7)
  • Winnie Brickett’s niece, Schatzi, is thinking about becoming a missionary.   She feels that God is calling her to do this, but feels that she still needs clarity.  She is going on a mission trip to Puerto Rico in March.  She is asking for prayer in her decision making. (10/7)
  • Dawn Jones is home recovering from a stroke. She is currently on medication and may need further procedures. Please pray for her complete healing. (10/1)
  • Emily Thompson Hale, daughter of Carol and Craig Thompson, former members, was in bad auto accident and is in a trauma center in Denver Colorado. (10/1)
  • Jane Ford’s dear friend, Karen Johnston, will be having a biopsy on a lung nodule on Friday.  (9/30)
  • Marsha Craig is fighting infection and the next three days are very critical. (9/23)
  • Virginia Covington’s son’s father-in-law, Eugene Bulso, is now breathing on his own, because the ventilator was removed.  His doctor also got response from him when asked questions.  He does have 1/4 of his brain damaged, but there will be helpful therapy.  Please continue to pray for his recovery. (9/23)
  • Abby, the daughter of a dear friend of Liz Kennedy, is struggling with an illness the doctors seem to be unable to determine the cause of and treat.  Please pray mightily that the cause may be found, treatment administered and recovery and healing begin. (9/12)
  •  Two relatives of Johnny Kimbrough, the man who cleans the church building, were killed in the wrong-way crash on Sunday. Please pray for the families. (9/10)
  • Virginia Covington’s neighbor and friend, Armando Hernandez, will be having surgery tomorrow. He has a bad heart, but is going to be operated on for kidney cancer.  It will be very serious. (9/10)
  • Carol McFarland’s niece, Sarah Struck, who is married with 2 boys, ages 7 and 3, and is pregnant with twins @ 13 weeks has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her prognosis is very good.  The doctors told her it will not affect the babies. Her liver and lungs show no signs of cancer. (9/3)

Loved Ones Battling Cancer

  • Richard Allen
  • Amanda
  • Becky Anderson
  • Lucy Barrett
  • Carrleen Best
  • Frank Burgen
  • Virginia Covington
  • Mark Dose
  • Ann Farmer
  • Erin Ferlita
  • Steve Hadden
  • Karen Hart
  • Casey Flippen
  • Rob Killette
  • Steve Kossler
  • Lauren Midgley
  • Mary Jo
  • Elnora Pinner
  • Beth Pollard
  • Debbie Rignor
  • Kirk Robb
  • Brian Snyder
  • Marijane Sprouse
  • Louise Wilt
  • June Winstead


  • Mike Abbott
  • Kathleen Crockett
  • Bert Harvey, Horizon Bay
  • Charlotte Hayes
  • Harry Hickinbotham (pray for rest for Sharon)
  • Edna Hoover, Canterbury Towers
  • Eva Jones
  • Sarah Lawhorne, N. Tampa
  • Jeff Meadows
  • Mary Smith

Staff & Ministries

  • Richard, Tammy, Tom, Ron, Wendi, Anna, Kelly, Deb
  • Deacons
  • Bible study leaders
  • Watchman on the Wall
  • WeekDay Preschool
  • Our Military Families
  • Bayshore Committees

Bayshore Partners In the Field

  • Karen Alford - Medical Mission to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Dr. Ray Pritz - Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies
  • Dr. Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz - OC International
  • Theodor Raychynets - Baptist Seminary in Ukraine.


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