Prayer List

Our prayer ministry at Bayshore is a blessing for the pray-ers as well as those for whom we pray. Be sure to email Barb Tolbert with any concerns you’d like to share or to receive emails as part of the chain. We distribute prayer lists on Wednesday nights and update our prayer list on the website with the permission of the families.

Praises & Answers to Prayer

  • Ron Threadgill’s dad is home.  Please pray for his continued recovery. (8/25)
  • Cindy Renney’s daughter, Chelsea, does not need surgery! (8/4)


  • Susan Chamblee’s childhood friend, Susanne passed yesterday. Susan will be heading to Virginia tomorrow to celebrate her life. (8/25)
  • Ray Scott passed away on Saturday, August 8. Services will be here at Bayshore this Friday, August 14, with visitation at 10:00 a.m. and the service at 11:00. Please pray for Rosie and the Scott family. (8/11)
  • Former member, Lucky Heiers passed away. Celebration of Life Service is Saturday, August 29, at 11:00 am.  Visitation is Saturday, August 29, from 9:30 A.M. until 11:00 am at Serenity Funeral Home.Please keep his family in your prayers. (8/11)
  • George Drew passed away in early July. Please pray for his family. (8/13)

Hospitalized & Rehab

  • Carrleen Best is in Memorial Hospital with a blood clot in her leg. Carrleen is feeling much better.  The doctor says that if the blood thinner keeps doing the job for her, to dissolve the blood clot, she will be able to go home.  Please continue to pray for Carrleen’s improvement and comfort.  Also pray for George and his daughters as they are taking such good care of their parents.  (8/25)
  • Jerry Ryan has been moved to Sun City Center Hospice House. (8/25)
  • Virginia Covington’s daughter, Bonnie, is in Tampa General and is now breathing on her own after being on life support. She is awake and her eyes are alert.  There is a little progress concerning the kidney problem.  She spoke to  Virginia, and recognized her!  (8/25)

Current Prayer Requests

  • Shalini Charles’s mother, Florence has been admitted into a hospital in India.  Please pray for a quick and accurate diagnosis and healing for her. (8/25)
  • Wilda Rogers’ sister,  Pat Baskette, who lives in Virginia, has entered the hospital.  She has Diverticulitis and an abscess.  They plan to keep her a few days hoping that antibiotics will heal the situation.  (8/25)
  • Sally Wallace, daughter of Ellen Richards and sister to Melissa Scarle, will have a bilateral mastectomy. Please pray for the procedure and further treatment. (8/18)
  • Rudy Flynn’s friend, Mac, fell and is in the hospital with fractured ribs. (8/18)
  • Martha Bird’s friend, Debra Miller, has a tumor in or near one of her kidneys. Before they could decide the best way to handle that, the kidney ruptured and was causing so much pain that they inserted a drain tube to relieve the pressure.
    Now they are waiting to get an MRI done so the doctors can decide what to do about the tumor. Please pray for the doctors’ wisdom and skill, and comfort for Debra and her family. (8/18)
  • Mia Simcox who is having brain surgery today. She is a friend of the teachers in our weekday preschool. (8/14)
  • Please pray for Glenn Alvis, a longtime Bayshore member. He is dealing with several serious medical issues. (8/11)
  • Sarah Smith is in A-Fib and is being treated with medications. She was able to attend her husband, Truett’s funeral service. (8/11)
  • Judy Richman’s sister’s father-in-law George File has been placed in Hospice care in Colorado. Please pray for my brother-in-law Kevin File and family. (7/28)
  • Martha Bird’s brother-in-law, Clayton Allen, and son, Richard, need continuing prayer for health issues. (7/28)
  • Please pray for a young mother, Tisha and her baby that was delivered several weeks early. The baby is 1 lb. 11 oz., but did get 2 steroid shots for the lungs.  At the last moment they had to do a C-section and no time for anesthesia, just a local.  Tisha lost a good bit of blood and is a bit anemic anyway.  The doctors are also quite worried about her. (7/23)
  • Robert Herring will have surgery on August 14 in connection with bladder cancer. He will begin another round of chemo after the surgery. (7/16)
  • Flo Barr has been diagnosed with bursitis in her hip and is in extreme pain.  She received a cortisone shot and will be beginning physical therapy soon.  Please pray for relief from pain for Flo and general protection for both Flo and Clyde. (7/15)
  • Ken & Judy Mitchell are from Pensacola, and staying here in Tampa while Ken is waiting on a heart transplant. When able, Judy attends Encounter. Ken is improving from a recent stroke, but has to keep an eye on the after-effects of the stroke before being put back on the transplant list. When that happens, he will move immediately to the top of the list. They are grateful for Bayshore’s prayers , and ask us to continue to remember them. (4/28)

Loved Ones Battling Cancer

  • Virdie Alfieri
  • Richard Allen
  • Amanda
  • Becky Anderson
  • Lucy Barrett
  • Carrleen Best
  • Virginia Covington
  • Mark Dose
  • Ann Farmer
  • Erin Ferlita
  • Steve Hadden
  • Leslie Hanlon
  • Karen Hart
  • Robert Herring
  • Casey Flippen
  • Lauren Midgley
  • Mary Jo
  • Elnora Pinner
  • Beth Pollard
  • Debbie Rignor
  • Kirk Robb
  • Brian Snyder
  • Marijane Sprouse
  • Sarah Struck
  • Louise Wilt
  • June Winstead


  • Kathleen Crockett
  • Bert Harvey, Horizon Bay
  • Charlotte Hayes
  • Harry Hickinbotham (pray for rest for Sharon)
  • Sarah Lawhorne, N. Tampa
  • Mary Smith

Staff & Ministries

  • Richard, Tammy, Ron, Anna, Kelly, Deb, Melissa, Randall
  • Deacons
  • Bible study leaders
  • Watchman on the Wall
  • WeekDay Preschool
  • Our Military Families
  • Bayshore Committees

Bayshore Partners In the Field

  • Karen Alford - Medical Mission to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Dr. Ray Pritz - Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies
  • Dr. Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz - OC International
  • Theodor Raychynets - Baptist Seminary in Ukraine.


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