Prayer List

Our prayer ministry at Bayshore is a blessing for the pray-ers as well as those for whom we pray. Be sure to email Barb Tolbert with any concerns you’d like to share or to receive emails as part of the chain. We distribute prayer lists on Wednesday nights and update our prayer list on the website with the permission of the families.

Praises & Answers to Prayer

  • Robert Herring had his procedure at Moffett and all went well. They will have the results from pathology in about 4-7 days, and then they will make some decisions as to the next steps.  Please continue to pray for Robert, and the best possible results. (1/23)
  • CarolSue Holmes basal cell carcinoma removal was successful. (1/23)
  • Congratulations to Sean, Lindsey, Linden, & Bennett Hale as they welcomed Maren Grace to the family on Monday, January 19th at 12:20pm. Lindsey & Maren are doing well. (1/20)
  • Jim Strange’s basal cell carcinoma removal went very well. He was able to go home the same day.  (1/13)


  • Bill Webb’s Memorial Service will be held at the Florida National Cemetery, 6502 Southwest 102nd Ave., Bushnell, FL  33513, on Friday, February 6, at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Rev. Randy Ashcraft will lead the service.  From 6 – 9 PM on the same day, Bayshore friends and family are invited to an open house reception in the Club House at the Fair Oaks Condominium Complex.  The address is 3809 N. Oak Drive, Tampa, FL  33611. (1/21)
  • Marjorie Davis passed away.  Condolences and love are sent to Dave, her husband and the entire family.  (1/22)
  • Robby Killette is a senior at Plant and a joyful presence in our youth ministry for many years. His father passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. Robby himself is a cancer survivor, so his family has been through a lot.  Please pray for Robby, his mom, and his sister for peace and comfort. (1/20)
  • Former member of Bayshore, Rev. Wesley Crenshaw, has passed away. Our sympathy is extended to all of his family.
  • Rudy Flynn’s brother passed away. Please be in prayer for Rudy and his family. (1/20)
  • Ginger Strong’s father passed away. Please pray for her family. (1/20)
  • Edna Hoover passed away. The Memorial Service for Edna Hoover will be Saturday, February 7, at 1:00 p.m. in the Bayshore chapel. A reception will follow. Please pray for her family. (1/16)
  • Richard Heider passed away.  There will be a service for him at Bayshore on Wednesday, January 14, at 2:00 P.M.  Please pray for his family. (1/13)
  • Jim Neill’s mother, Nancy, passed away. Thankfully, Jim was able to be with his mother in Arizona before she passed away.  Our prayers and sympathy to the Neill family. (1/13)
  • Condolences to the Webb family, as we received the news that Bill Webb has passed away. Prayers and love are sent to the entire Webb family. (1/6)
  • Allie Hirsch has passed away. Please pray for her family. (1/6)

Hospitalized & Rehab

  • Caleb Occhipinti is a one year old with a highly contagious viral respiratory and ear infection. He is in St. Joseph’s. Please pray for Caleb, his mother, Erika and the doctors and nurses caring for him. (1/6)
  • Jane Lang’s brother-in-law, Ed, collapsed and is back in the hospital. He has several issues to address.  Ed needs our prayers urgently for healing and success with the procedures they have done. (1/6)
  • Mary Jo Ciccarello, Sam’s aunt, is at Memorial with very high blood sugar levels. (12/10)

Current Prayer Requests

  • CarolSue Holmes goes in for the pre op on her other eye today.  She will have cataract surgery, and they will determine if vision can be established in her left eye.  Prayers for complete restoration. (1/23)
  • Elnora Pinner completed chemo yesterday. Please pray as she recovers from this treatment and then starts radiation, probably in March. (1/21)
  • Jimmy  & Marian Thomas are facing some medical decisions. Please ask that God would help to open the necessary doors, everything would come in His timing, and they may have His peace and comfort through the entire process. (1/20)
  • Tony Cintron, our Encounter drummer, is in need of housing. Please pray that Tony sees, hears, and feels God’s presence in this situation. (1/13)
  • Robert Herring has a tumor. He is currently seeking treatment at Moffitt. (1/13)
  • Tammy Snyder’s friend’s brother, Jack, continues to have multiple issues since his liver transplant and his doctors think his body is rejecting the transplant.  Please ask people to pray for Jack’s doctors and for his complete healing, should it be God’s will. (12/5)
  • Marian Thomas’s father, Marvin Goff, had a fourth shoulder replacement surgery to clean out the infection. He will have six weeks of aggressive antibiotics through home health care.  Please pray this can be cleared up quickly. If infection gets into the joint itself, there could be more surgeries in the future.  This whole process has been going on since early this year. Also prayers for my mom as she continues to be his aide and support. (11/21)

Loved Ones Battling Cancer

  • Virdie Alfieri
  • Richard Allen
  • Amanda
  • Becky Anderson
  • Lucy Barrett
  • Carrleen Best
  • Frank Burgen
  • Virginia Covington
  • Mark Dose
  • Ann Farmer
  • Erin Ferlita
  • Steve Hadden
  • Karen Hart
  • Robert Herring
  • Casey Flippen
  • Steve Kossler
  • Lauren Midgley
  • Mary Jo
  • Elnora Pinner
  • Beth Pollard
  • Debbie Rignor
  • Kirk Robb
  • Brian Snyder
  • Marijane Sprouse
  • Louise Wilt
  • June Winstead


  • Mike Abbott
  • Kathleen Crockett
  • Bert Harvey, Horizon Bay
  • Charlotte Hayes
  • Harry Hickinbotham (pray for rest for Sharon)
  • Eva Jones
  • Sarah Lawhorne, N. Tampa
  • Jeff Meadows
  • Mary Smith

Staff & Ministries

  • Richard, Tammy, Ron, Anna, Kelly, Deb, Melissa, Randall
  • Deacons
  • Bible study leaders
  • Watchman on the Wall
  • WeekDay Preschool
  • Our Military Families
  • Bayshore Committees

Bayshore Partners In the Field

  • Karen Alford - Medical Mission to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Dr. Ray Pritz - Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies
  • Dr. Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz - OC International
  • Theodor Raychynets - Baptist Seminary in Ukraine.


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