Prayer List

Our prayer ministry at Bayshore is a blessing for the pray-ers as well as those for whom we pray. Be sure to email Barb Tolbert with any concerns you’d like to share or to receive emails as part of the chain. We distribute prayer lists on Wednesday nights and update our prayer list on the website with the permission of the families.

Praises & Answers to Prayer

  • Praise report from Karen Alford: The two youth who left the island and could not be reached are safely back on the island with their families.  Both got suspicious of their circumstances.  The story they were being told kept changing, and they were kept isolated and in different cities.  Both managed to escape during the night and make their way back to the island.  Now that the other youth have heard their story they have agreed not to leave the island either. (3/4)
  • Bonnie Meyer’s friend, Jessie, had a heart attack last week, and was placed in a medically induced coma.  She is now awake and recognizes everyone.  Please pray for continued improvement. (3/3)
  • Judy Richman‘s doctors have decided that she will be able to heal from the fractures in her shoulder without having surgery.  She hopes to go home from the hospital today.  Praise God! (3/3)
  • John Becker is home after major heart surgery. Please continue to pray for his recovery. (2/18)
  • Carrleen Best is home after breaking her hip. Please pray as she recovers. (2/18)
  • Carol McFarland was back in church yesterday after her knee surgery. (2/17)


  • Frank Burgen died early Monday morning. Please pray for Ann and all the family. There will be a memorial service at Bayshore on Sunday, March 8 at 3:00pm with visitation at 2:00pm. (3/3)
  • Dr. Jeff Meadows passed away. There will be a memorial service at Bayshore Baptist Church, Saturday, March 14.  It will be at 11:00 A.M.  There will also be a reception immediately following the service. Please pray for the peace and comfort of his family at this sad time. (2/24)

Hospitalized & Rehab

  • Rosie Scott’s friend, Ruth Powers, is back in TGH. Pray for God to give her comfort as well as healing. (2/27)
  • Mary Jo Ciccarello, Sam’s aunt, is back at Memorial due to very low blood sugar levels. (1/27)

Current Prayer Requests

  • Meridith Nutter, a preschool mom, had breast cancer at one time, and it has reoccurred.  They have found cancer in the lymph nodes.  Please pray for her complete healing and recovery. (3/3)
  • The McMellin family is transitioning out of the military.  They are relieved that their house has sold but are anxious about where they will be going next. Please pray for this transition. (3/3)
  • Tom & Janet Allyn’s friend, Candy, just found out that she has cancer. This is her third bout with it and so she’s going to be going through some hard times. (3/3)
  • Rosie Scott’s friend, Margie Butler, has terminal cancer. (2/27)
  • Carmen Hufstetler’s friend, JoElla Young, has a tumor that was pressing against her esophagus. No results from the biopsy yet. Please pray for her as she has many challenges ahead. (2/25)
  • Leslie Frost Sable, a friend of the Kennedys, has ovarian cancer. She had  surgery on Wednesday.  They have apparently gotten all the cancer, but they had to remove a number of pieces of her organs. She will still have chemo, but we are much encouraged and hopeful. (2/24)
  • Shannon Midkiff, Carolyn Strange’s cousin’s daughter-in-law, has congestive heart failure and MS. (2/17)
  • Carolyn Strange’s sister, Alice Roth, is not doing well physically and mentally. Carolyn is currently in Texas with her sister trying to be of help. (2/17)
  • Carol McFarland’s niece, Sarah Struck, is fighting breast cancer. She is 32 years old, and has twins, Luke and Elizabeth, who are about a month old. Please pray for Sarah and her family. (2/17)

Loved Ones Battling Cancer

  • Virdie Alfieri
  • Richard Allen
  • Amanda
  • Becky Anderson
  • Lucy Barrett
  • Carrleen Best
  • Virginia Covington
  • Mark Dose
  • Ann Farmer
  • Erin Ferlita
  • Steve Hadden
  • Karen Hart
  • Robert Herring
  • Casey Flippen
  • Steve Kossler
  • Lauren Midgley
  • Mary Jo
  • Elnora Pinner
  • Beth Pollard
  • Debbie Rignor
  • Kirk Robb
  • Brian Snyder
  • Marijane Sprouse
  • Louise Wilt
  • June Winstead


  • Mike Abbott
  • Kathleen Crockett
  • Bert Harvey, Horizon Bay
  • Charlotte Hayes
  • Harry Hickinbotham (pray for rest for Sharon)
  • Eva Jones
  • Sarah Lawhorne, N. Tampa
  • Mary Smith

Staff & Ministries

  • Richard, Tammy, Ron, Anna, Kelly, Deb, Melissa, Randall
  • Deacons
  • Bible study leaders
  • Watchman on the Wall
  • WeekDay Preschool
  • Our Military Families
  • Bayshore Committees

Bayshore Partners In the Field

  • Karen Alford - Medical Mission to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Dr. Ray Pritz - Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies
  • Dr. Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz - OC International
  • Theodor Raychynets - Baptist Seminary in Ukraine.


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